Department of Biotechnology has one laboratory. This laboratory is well equipped with the instrument required for the curriculum of the subject.

UG Lab: M-204 (600 sq. ft)

Major instruments:

Sr. No. Name of Instrument/ Equipment Make
1 Incubator BioLab
2 Compound microscope Micro Optic, Labomed
3 Colorimeter Equiptronics
4 Refrigerator Whirlpool, Remi
5 Hot air oven BioLab, De Novo Tech
6 Autoclave Imset
7 Electrophoresis apparatus (Horizontal & Vertical) Equiptronics, Techresource, Ecosep
8 Laminar Air Flow Biotechniques India
9 Orbital Shaker with incubator Neolab
10 Water Bath De Novo Tech
11 Incubator De Novo Tech
12 Gel rocker with electronic timer De Novo Tech
13 Transilluminator Orange UV BLB Research
14 60 Egg Incubator Powersol India
15 iFuge personal centrifuge P’fact
16 Needle Burner and Syringe Destroyer Samarth Surg