Knowledge Bank

Sr NoClassDepartmentTopicName Of The Faculty MemberLecture Video Link
1M. Sc. IIMicrobiologyEvaluation Of Antimicrobial ActivityProf. Gharge S. A.Click Here
2T. Y. B. Sc.ChemistryUnit-1,Chapter-1, Module-1 Introduction To Symmetry &Group TheoryProf. Ms. Gaidhane G. M.Click Here
3T. Y. B. Sc.ChemistryUnit-1,Chapter-1, Module-2Prof. Ms. Gaidhane G. M.Click Here
4T. Y. B. Sc.ChemistryUnit-1,Chapter-1, Module-3 Molecular SymmetryProf. Ms. Gaidhane G. M.Click Here
5T. Y. B. Sc.ChemistryUnit-1,Chapter-1, Module-4Prof. Ms. Gaidhane G. M.Click Here
6T. Y. B. Sc.ChemistryUnit-1,Chapter-1, Module-5Prof. Ms. Gaidhane G. M.Click Here
7T. Y. B. Sc.ChemistryUnit-1,Chapter-1, Module-6Prof. Ms. Gaidhane G. M.Click Here
8M.Sc. IChemistrySymmetry & Group Theory Semister-1, Unit-2, Module-1Prof. Bhagwat R. S.Click Here
9M.Sc. IChemistrySymmetry & Group Theory Semister-1, Unit-2, Module-1Prof. Bhagwat R. S.Click Here
10T.Y.B.COM- VCommercePersonalInvestmentDr. Vivek H. BhoirClick Here
11S.Y.B.COM- IIICommerceVertical Balace SheetDr. Harsha B. GoyalClick Here
12S. Y. B. Sc. Sem. IIIMathematicsEuclidean Inner Product_1Dr. Dhanorkar GajananClick Here
13S. Y. B. Sc. Sem. IVMathematicsDouble Integration:Introduction1Dr. Dhanorkar GajananClick Here
14S. Y. B. Sc. Sem. IVMathematicsDouble Integration With ProblemsDr. Dhanorkar GajananClick Here
15S. Y. B. Sc. Sem. IVMathematicsDouble Integration Change The Order Of IntegrationDr. Dhanorkar GajananClick Here
16T. Y. B. Sc. Sem. VMathematicsMetric Space With Examples1Dr. Dhanorkar GajananClick Here
17T. Y. B. Sc. Sem. VMathematicsMetric_Space With Examples2Dr. Dhanorkar GajananClick Here
18T.Y. B.COM.EconomicsOverview Of New Economic Polocy-1991Prof. B. M. MundeClick Here
19T.Y.B.A.EconomicsNash EquilibriumProf. B. M. MundeClick Here
20T.Y.B.A./ M.A.IEconomicsPrisoner’S Dilemma & Oligopoly TheoryProf. B. M. MundeClick Here
21T.Y.B.A./ M.A.IEconomicsGame TheoryProf. B. M. MundeClick Here
22M.A.IEconomicsAugustin Cournot’S ModelProf. B. M. MundeClick Here
23T.Y.B.A./ M.A.IEconomicsDecision Making Under OligopolyProf. B. M. MundeClick Here
24TYBSc & PGPhysicsOperational AmplifierSuraj HaralClick Here
25S.Y.B.M.SB. M. S.Strategic ImplementationLatika DasClick Here
26T.Y.B.M.S.B. M. S.Sales & DistributionManmeet KaurClick Here
27F.Y.B.M.S.B. M. S.Elasticity Of Demands And Its TypesSnehal JadhavClick Here
28F.Y.B.M.S.B. M. S.Introduction To Financial AccountsBhushan BhoirClick Here
29FY. B.Voc.Food TechnologySugar Processing -Farm To TableMiss. Deepali MohiteClick Here
30TY B.Voc.Food TechnologyUse Of Nanotechnology In Food TechnologyMr. Ashwin RadhakrishnanClick Here
31TY.B.Voc.Food TechnologyRefrigeration CycleMiss.Soumyasudha PandaClick Here
32FY. B.Voc.Food TechnologyFood SpoilageMiss. Snehal KadamClick Here
33S. Y. B. Sc.MicrobiologyImvic TestDr. R. P. GhorpadeClick Here
34F. Y. B. Sc.MicrobiologySolute TransportDr. R. P. GhorpadeClick Here
35S.Y.B.Sc ITInformation TechnologyDatabase Management SystemMadhuri GabhaneClick Here
36T.Y B.Sc -ITInformation TechnologySoftware TestingAshwini SomnatheClick Here
37F.Y.B.Sc-ITInformation TechnologyLogic GatesManisha JangaleClick Here
38TYBSc ITInformation Technology.Net FrameworkHarsha GordeClick Here
39Msc IT(II)Information
Social Engineering Ethical HackingAjay BansodeClick Here
40S.Y.B.Sc.I.T.Information TechnologyLinux System AdministrationVrushali Bhanudas KadClick Here
41T.Y.B.Sc.I.T.Information TechnologyInternet Of ThingsMs. Samiksha Ravindra SuryawanshiClick Here
42UG/PG Life SciencesBioanalytical SciencesOverview Of Clinical TrialsMs. Geetanjali GoneClick Here
43UG/PG Life SciencesBioanalytical ScienceBasics Of ChromatographyMs. Kalyani PatilClick Here
44F.Y.C.SComputer ScienceIntroduction To C Programming LanguageDr.Manisha AbhyankarClick Here
45T.Y.C.SComputer ScienceDefect Management ProcessMrs.Dipti KulkarniClick Here
46S.Y. C.SComputer ScienceComputer Networks - Osi ModelMrs. Nikisha DakeeClick Here
47F.Y.C.SComputer ScienceSoft Skills-Commuication SkillsMs.Snehal MandhareClick Here
48S.Y. C.SComputer ScienceInheritance In JavaMrs.Sonam BaisClick Here
49BBIService Marketing InsuranceService Marketing Consumer Behaviour - Meaning, Factors And TypesArchana SalunkheClick Here
50BBIBusiness Planning and Entrepreneurial ManagementEntrepreneur - Definition, Characteristics, Qualities And FunctionsArchana SalunkheClick Here
51BBIManagement AccountingIntroduction To Corporate Financial StatementsSomali ChatterjeeClick Here
52BBIInformation Technology in Banking and Insurance - ICyber Threats, Hacking And Its TypesVarsha IralapalleClick Here
53TYBSc & PGPhysicsStatus Of Electrodynamics Before MaxwellDr. Pujari V. B.Click Here
54F.Y.B.Sc.PhysicsX-RaysDr. Gaikar Paresh SureshClick Here
55S.Y. C.SComputer ScienceJdbc ConnectionMrs.Swati KaduClick Here
56S.Y.B.A.GeographyTypes Of Soil In IndiaMr. Suhas DivekarClick Here