Department of Central Library

Prof. Dr. N. D. Patil Knowledge Resource Center (Central Library):

The college has a well equipped, spacious and fully computerized library. The Library is automated using indigenously developed & powered by MKCL’s LIBRERIA: Library Management System, Integrated Software with Web OPAC & Barcode Technology. Library has completed the automation work of the Library Holdings in the year 2009 & Circulation Process with Barcodes Started from that time. The version used for the LIBRERIA Software of Internet Explorer is IE 7.0, Firefox 3.0 & above. The Central Library of the college is known as Dr. N. D. Patil Knowledge Resource Center & plays an important role not only in the academic and intellectual development of the students but also supporting the teaching –learning & research activities of the institution by quantitatively and qualitatively.

OALS Project of the library is our ambition & optimum utilization of space in the library has successfully achieved. To get utmost access & use of Library Holdings, OALS (Open Access Library System) made available. Library has utilized the complete space for storing the holdings & producing the healthy reading space with attractive personalized seating arrangement.

The Ground Floor and First Floor of the building is utilized for the library purpose. Ground floor is used for Textbooks Section of all streams & departments (Stack Section), Circulation Section (Four Counter Stations), Periodicals & Journals Section (Research Reference Section), Reprography Section and Cabin of the Librarian. At the entrance, User Tracking System has been installed. New Arrival Showcase is made available in front of the library door. In the porch & also in the library, notice boards & suggestion box are made available for the users. Book drop box facility has been provided in the porch.

First floor is utilized for Reference books of Arts (Humanities & Social Science Reference Collection), Commerce (Commerce & Management Reference Collection) & Science Reference collection with individual reading carrels separately. OPEN ACCESS LIBRARY SYSTEM (OALS) facility is available at these three sections to the students and the faculties for self study.

Free Internet Section with gallery of the Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, and Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Books has been created for the users. Two Circulation Counters and User Tracking System are made available also on the first floor. Newspaper Section, Newspaper Stand, Newspaper Clippings Files, New Arrivals Display Stand, Property Counter are made available for the users.

Library provides Book Bank Facility to the needy students. A set of books has been given free of cost to the Special Students and B. C. Book Bank Scheme of University of Mumbai has been utilized for the B.C. Students while rest of the students are given a set of books for the entire academic year by paying 1/3 of the set amount.

Library Collection up to 31st March 2021
Sr. No. Book Type Total Number
1 Text 57316
2 Reference 25891
*Unique Titles-21372
*Total Collection-83207
Library Other Resources
Sr. No. Resources Total Number
1 Journals/ Periodicals 73
2 Newspapers 08
3 CD’s 1461
4 Online e-books  (N-LIST E-RESOURCES) 1,95,809+
5 Online e-Journals  (N-LIST E-RESOURCES) 6293+
6 DELNET DATABASE (Online Resources)   1. List of Journals   2. Full Text E-Journals   3. Thesis/ Dissertations     40,000+   5000+   1,00,000+