Vision Mission and Objectives


To develop knowledge and awareness about the global environmental issues and make responsible person for the sustainable development.  


To provide high quality learning, research and training in the geographical field that promotes and challenge individual growth among students. Our commitment also includes Preparation of our students to think like geographers, earth scientists and planners, to cherish and enhance our communities and the natural environment and to assume significant roles in problem solving using critical thinking, research and communication skills developed in their learning experience.


  1. Education equips students with the knowledge to be informed, active citizens and to compete in the global marketplace.

  2. To provide an academic environment that encourages students to inquire and explore geographical knowledge.

  3. To assure that geography students develop sound analytical and problem solving skills that make them competitive in the job market.

  4. To educate the students for proper use of resources. Emphasis on recycling of natural and human resources.

  5. To emphasize critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and digital applications in geography.

  6. To bring Geographical awareness among the people to solve day to day environmental problems.