Sr. No. Year Faculty Research Paper Journal Impact Factor
2018-19 Dr. Raviprakash Thombre Productive efficiency and Various Farm size Ratio in agricultural sector Research Journey, Special issue 100 January 2019   ISSN-2348-7143 6.261
A study of Population and Ecological Crises in sustainable Development in India. Research Journey, Special issue 108 February 2019, ISSN-2348-7143 6.261
Mr. Suhas Divekar Assessment of urban growth & land use change detection with GIS and remote sensing techniques in Adai Village of Panvel Tahsil, Raigad District, Maharashtra. International E-Research Journal  Peer Refreed & Indexed Journal,  ISSN 2348-7143, Jan 2019 6.261
Dr. Shruti Pethkar Spatio- temporal analysis of crime in core part of Pune city, Maharashtra Journal of Bombay Geographical Association India, Vol.29, March 2018
2020-21 Dr. Raviprakash Thombre Online Teaching and Learning: Threat or Oppoururtity Aadhar Social Research & Development Training Institute, February 2021, ISSN-2278-9308 ISSN-2278-9308

Cruise Tourism- New Tourism Product in Immerging India JUNI KHYAT, 31/05/2020, VOL –X I ISSN 2278-4632 ISSUE NO XVII MAY 2020
The Growth of Agriculture Production in India after the on Set of Green Revolution  International Journal of Social Science & Management Studies - I.J.S.S.M.S., 4 May 2021, ISSN-2454-4655  5.2
Mrs. Smriti Trivedi Potential and possibilities of rural tourism in Darbhanga district, Bihar Peer Reviewed Journal) P-ISSN: 2706-9583, E-ISSN: 2706-9591, July 2020 5.12
The empowerment of religious tourism in Madhubani, Bihar Peer Reviewed Journal) P-ISSN: 2706-9583, E-ISSN: 2706-9591, July 2020 5.12
2021-22 Dr. Raviprakash Thombre A Study of Population and Environmental Crisis in Sustainable Development in India Pre Two Decade Period Akshar Wangmay, July 2021 ISSN-2229-4929