Department of Economics

Economics is indeed a subject of concerning human beings life in all dimensions. Taking the above point in mind, Modern College (K.B.P. College) had started Economics as a main subject in the senior college. Our college introduced Economics at F.Y.B.A .level in the year 1979 (The year of inception of the college) and in the next Year, S.Y.B.A. was started. In the year 1981 Special Economics (six units) was started at T.Y.B.A. level.
In the year 1985, to promote the activities related to the field of Economics and personality development of the students, the ‘Economics Association’ was formed. The Association arranges guest lectures on various topics in Economics every year. The well known Resource Persons were invited like Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar (Vice Chancellor University of Mumbai ), Principal Sahuraja (Potdar college of commerce), Prof. Modak, Dr. Narendra Jadhav (Director, RBI), Prof Dr. Prakash Salvi (Chairman BOS in Economics, University of Mumbai),Prof C.M. Bhawadas, Prof Dr. Sadhana Phadnis, Prof, Padwal Rajan, Prof. Mrs. Bapat etc. The activities like visits to W.T.O. Mumbai, Capital Market, Abhudaya Bank and J.N.P.T. Agriculture field of Revdanda in Kokkan were also organized. The other activities like group discussions, Seminars, presentations and debates on important issues in the Economics were also organized.
The faculty members always participate in seminars and workshops organize by different academic bodies in the country. The student from Economics department actively participated in the activities of department of Life Long Learning and Extension work, NSS and sports and Avishkar under University of Mumbai. They are also conducting surveys, writing projects on some important topics and thus developing social concern.