GIS Laboratory

Geographical Information Technology (GIS) Laboratory

Established in 2019, the GIS Lab is the first of its kind to be established at a college. It is the technical hub for mapping, analysis and planning and serves the entire academic program.

The GIS program is founded on learning by doing, through partnerships, training, research and service. Students engage in a broad range of projects while providing valuable assistance to local communities and research efforts.

Students often work cooperatively with federal, state and local officials, as well as nonprofit organizations. This approach prepares students for jobs, internships and graduate work where spatial thinking and technical skills provide with a distinct and marketable advantage.


  • To comprehend knowledge about the concepts in GIS and Remote Sensing. 

  • Acquire skills of map making.

  • Apply the knowledge for decision making and solving the problems in the society


  • Real Estate and Marketing

    • Retail site selection, site evaluation 

    • property records and appraisal  

  • Public safety and defense

    • Crime analysis, fire prevention, emergency management, military/defense

  • Natural resource exploration/extraction

    • Petroleum, minerals, quarrying

    • Ground Water potential zones

  • Transportation

    • Highways, Railways and Metro route planning, Network Analysis

  • Public health and epidemiology

  • Malaria and Covid mapping

  • The Geospatial Industry

    • Data development, application development, programming

    • Apps like Google maps, Ola, Uber, Swiggy, Amazon, Flipkart, etc

  • Urban Monitoring 

  • Modeling and managingurban runoff

  • Urban sprawl Monitoring

  • Change Detection 

  • Environmental Management

    • Monitoring environmental risk

    • Management of watersheds, floodplains, wetlands, forests, aquifers

    • Environmental Impact Analysis

    • Hazardous or toxic facility siting

    • Groundwater modeling and contamination tracking


  • Quantum GIS Version 3.17

  • Global Mapper 21

  • Arc GIS 10.2


  • Easy GPS